• Al Brown

Storm In A Teacup.

Back to Watermouth Cove for another attempt at sketching and photography in view of more paintings. Sadly the tourist coves and coastal area were closed due to the pandemic so we continued on to the harbour for some tea and butties. There is quite a quirky café in the harbour called Storm In A Teacup with very friendly staff. We parked on the beach and had our snack in the car due to the cold wind, the lady from the café brought our food out on a tray and what a lovely view from steering wheel. We had a chat with a friend of mine who’s doing up a large yacht here and also the harbour master. It was quite entertaining watching a large crane moving the boats from their winter storage on land back onto the beach ready for the new season. The last picture taken off google images of Broadsands Beach is one of the views I was after today, at least it gives me another excuse to return.

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